UNN Consult has been engaged in many projects recently, some of which are briefly shown below.



UNN Consult has been in the practice of the reticulation of water system. Reticulation of water supply is basically the water distribution network and once the water has been collected and treated, it needs to get to the consumer. UNN Consult offer services of reticulation of water system in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka which involves the practice of both changing of pipes from asbestos to PVC, and restoration of failed boreholes.

PROFESSIONAL DRAINAGE SERVICES like the natural or artificial removal of a surface's water and water from an area to prevent severe water logging UNN consult has cleared and silted drainages and gutters in the University which has solved the problem of flooding in the School.


UNN consults has fabricated and restored the flour mill and feed mill in the University, this will open up opportunities to process and package flours, including cassava, corn etc. and the feed mill will enable the university to process feeds for the University poultry. UNN consult has a building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour. It also involves process and/or combination of processes used to produce a processed food.

Fabrication of cassava flour mill plant

Cassava Peeling machine

Feed Mill machine

FUMIGATION. UNN Consults offers fumigation SERVICE in a timely and professional manner. The Consult fumigated the entire university and hostels in UNN, which had a remarkable drop in the number of snake bites recorded in the Campus. 

Trainings – UNN consults offers training and capacity building to institutions and corporate organizations. We train the newly employed technologists, technical staff and borehole staff in the University. This training supports the university’s commitment to improving the quality of technologists’ expertise. This amounts to adequate service delivery as well as maximum productivity.

Training of UNN Borehole Staff

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