With a staff strength of over 1500 highly skilled resource persons, consultants and technical support within the University, UNN Consult is able to offer comprehensive. professional, flexible and coordinated consultancy services in a timely manner. UNN Consult offers a wide range of consultancy services in the following core area:

Environmental Consultancy Services Include

-    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
-    Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation
-    Waste Control Studies
-    Laboratory Analysis
-    Disaster Prediction and Management


- Surface geological mapping of all terrains

- Geological and geophysical studies for water supply

- Economic/industrial Mineral/Rock Evaluation

- Solid Mineral Exploration

- Environmental and Health Impact Assessment of Active and Abandoned Mines

- Agro geological Studies.


-    Infrastructure Design and Construction
-    Pre-Engineering Tests
-    Mass Transportation Planning and Design
-    Project Management
-    Quality Assurance
-    Land Survey


-    Energy Audit/Analysis
-    Distribution
-    Maintenance of Facilities

Business Management and Development

-    Project Planning and Management
-    Feasibility Studies
-    Investment Analysis and Management
-    Job and Performance Evaluation
-    Market Analysis and Survey

Capacity Building

-    Human Resource Development 
-    Programme Development and Analysis
-    Retirement Planning
-    Need Assessment
-    Youth Development Programmes
-    Entrepreneurship Training and Development
-    Staff Recruitment
-    Gender and Monitoring Issues
-    Family and Community Health

Management Information and Communication

-    Data Collection
-    Management Information Systems
-    Software Development


-    Market Research
-    Household Research
-    Social and Economic Surveys

Training and Skills Development Programmes

-    Management
-    Technical
-    Non-technical

Laboratory Services

UNN Consult provides a wide range of Laboratory services which include
-    Cartography and Mapping
-    Water and Waste water analysis
-    Geographic Information System (GIS) applications
-    Physical testing of strength and structure of materials and products
-    Analytical services to ensure compliance with government regulations

Medical Science

-    Diagnostic Analysis
-    Healthcare Capacity Building
-    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Petroleum and Mineral Exploration and Development

The services offered include:

1. Intensive and Extensive Regional Geological Field Mapping/Survey

2. Geophysical and Geological Mapping for Environmental Studies

3. Seismic Data Analysis and Interpretation, Rock Physics Studies and Pore Pressure Prediction Studies

4. Characterization of Petroleum Reserviors, Prospect Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Selected Oil Fields in Niger Delta

5. Study of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Nigeria’s Inland Basins

6. Geological and Geophysical Investigation for Groundwater and Mineral Resources.


Agro and Agro-Businesses

UNN consult offers a wide range of consultancy service in the agricultural sector which are

 -Fishery technology

-Ranch technology

-Livestock rearing

-Hybrid technology

Find below some of the Agro Services projects that have been executed:

Snail faming project

Poultry project

Cow project

Feedmill Projects

Fabrication of the flour mill project